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Our Story


The beginning...

The beginning...

Lee and Lee-Anne met in their teens, and purchased their first property a few years later, on Victoria’s picturesque Mornington Peninsula. This is where their passion for renovating started. Since then, the couple have worked with large teams, small teams and everything in between and have renovated/built/project-managed more than 150 properties.

The work they were doing creating homes for people was great, but they both felt like something was missing. Lee and Lee-Anne knew that the homes they were creating where fresh and modern but the products and finishes contained toxic properties and this was not aligned with their personal focus for health, well being, clean and simple living.

And the vision was born.



In 2013, Lee-Anne became pregnant with their first child and engaged a building biologist and started investigating the principles of creating a healthy home. This was the catalyst for digging deeper and better understanding the impacts of building a home using non-toxic building materials, internal finishing’s and furnishings. They renovated their first healthy home in New Farm and whilst it was under renovation, Lee-Anne became very ill and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

How could this be when they ate organic fruit and vegetables, practised yoga, and lived a clean lifestyle? They began re-visiting their previous homes over the years and realised that living so close to phone towers, electrical meter boxes and transformers and using toxic paints, glues and sealant had finally caught up with Lee-Anne — the damage had been done. Lee-Anne fought back and refused to take the prescribed drugs which also had a list of negative side effects of their own. Instead they introduced shielding paints to combat the EMF from a nearby phone tower, among many other healthy home principles.

This practice and knowledge begun with the absolute need for Lee-Anne to exist within a peaceful, healthy and happy place, her home. As Lee-Anne started to rebuild her health and strength, they decided to make a tree change and relocated from inner city New Farm to 6 acres in the beautiful Samford Valley. Lee-Anne has made a full recovery, acknowledging that environment played a big part in this, along with the changes to lifestyle and eating. They are now expecting their second baby girl in late July.

Ethical Business

Ethical Business

The Healthy Abode business has organically started with friends and family wanting information on how to remove toxins from their homes, tips on renovating, to coaching on things to consider before putting down a deposit and purchasing a house.

Healthy Abode’s passion is to help clients create their forever homes. A sanctuary that they feel safe and secure in. The finishes inside are timeless and the furnishings selected based on investing in lifetime pieces, so together are treading a little lighter on the Earth. Their selection is based on the following ethos — bespoke, locally made, handmade, fairtrade, sustainable, ethical, non-toxic and natural materials. They share the motto with their clients that they should not rush into their selections, rather take their time and make sure that the pieces support their lifestyle. Every piece, whether it’s artwork or an armchair, should have story and you should know what materials were used to make it, who made it and where it came from. This brings a beautiful energy to the home and accompanies the natural finishing’s that have been chosen throughout the build process. Healthy Abode want to connect their clients with trades that are passionate about what they do and do it well. Ensuring everyone involved in the project shares the same vision and the trades respect the client’s specific requirements, leading to a smooth and seamless project.

Healthy Abode’s passion is to help spread the word and create awareness about how you can create a healthy home without feeling totally overwhelmed and taking it one small step at a time, whilst feeling supported and nurtured along the way.